Todays smokers have come to the conclusion that their addiction tobacco and cigarettes are costing them a great deal of money. Now, a smoker is able to go online and get an accurate report that breaks down how much money they are spending on cigarettes for a week, to a month, to a year, to five years.

Once this report is observed, the general reaction to a smoker is an instant shortness of breath. Typically, it results with them thinking of ways to quit, but many know that quitting is something that they can’t afford to do or don’t have the will power.

What many smokers are now looking into, if they don’t have one already, is the electronic cigarette, and are finding a better alternative to only quitting smoking, but also saving money.

The electronic cigarette differs from a regular cigarette in a significant way, where the smoker is no longer inhaling the 4000 plus chemicals of a normal cigarette.

Electronic cigarettes got their popularity through the smoking world by allowing smokers to inhale not smoke, but vapor that only contains the nicotine.

Due to them inhaling water vapor, this means that they can also smoke this cigarette in any public place. The vapor, every bit like the steam seen from hot showers or a hot plate of food, quickly dissipates after being exhaled.

The smell itself doesn’t carry the same scent as normal cigarettes, meaning smokers no longer wreak of cigarette smoke that many find to be nauseating.

When a smoker switches over to the electronic cigarette, they inevitably go through withdrawal symptoms, the same withdrawals that they would deal with should they quit smoking cold turkey. These withdrawals are reported to the body not getting the chemicals that it is normally getting from a regular cigarette.

From a range of about three days to a week, these withdrawal symptoms reside, and the smoker can find their way to quitting smoking, or at least not needing to smoke the electronic cigarette as much as they used to.

What is one of the many perks that electronic cigarette smokers enjoy about this device is the cost itself. The cartridges alone hold up to a little more than a pack of cigarettes, which is measured by puffs.

Cartridges hold anywhere between 150 to 250 puffs, and each package of cartridges comes with five to ten cartridges that cost the customer between $5 to $12 a package. Depending on how the electronic cigarette smoker goes through their cartridges, they can easily find themselves spending no more than $12 at most a month, which greatly decreases their cost of smoking. A part of the research that smokers conduct into switching from one to the other is the electronic cigarettes price.

Companies all around the world are selling the electronic cigarette, and within the United States, there are a dozen for people to choose from. Each company offers customers their choice of buying a starter kit, or will allow them to create their own package by picking and choosing each item separately.

Starter kits, which are known to be the easiest way to get everything one needs, start at

around $30 and goes all the way up to $265. Depending on the company that someone goes through will depend on the cost of their electronic kit. Granted, even with the most expensive electronic cigarettes price for the starter kits, a person is able to reduce that price by ordering each part separately, or using a coupon that the company website offers.

Typically, the starter kits come with two batteries, two chargers, a pack of cartridges, and a case to carry the device in. Other electronic cigarette websites the reviews these devices and create forums also offer legit coupons to be used for these websites.

What confuses many people about the electronic cigarette is the quality of the device itself. Some believe that the more expensive the cigarette is, the better results it gives, and unfortunately, that isn’t always true.

People judge these cigarettes on many factors, from taste of the vapor, how much vapor is produced, the weight of the device, the throat hit, lifespan of the battery, charging quality, and customer service.

As many know, reviews are all based upon personal experiences, but with experiences, there’s always two sides to the story. What some may find to not be the best for them, others have found to be the only one that they will use.

The electronic cigarettes price can sometimes be a turn off to some smokers, as these devices can be seen as an investment with the cost of starter kits. However, many reports show that a better way to look at it is an electronic smoker will quickly gain that money back when they see how much money they are saving by not buying packs of cigarettes anymore.

On average, a smoker will spend between $200 to $400 a month on packs of cigarettes, which is already enough money for two starter kits. After the purchase of the electronic cigarette, the most money that a person will spend a month on average in buying cartridges is $12 to $25, a significant decrease in their typical smoking budget.

Those who hold some skepticism about smoking an electronic cigarette will go in a different loop and order their pieces separately from the kit, allowing them to try a variety of electronic cigarettes, also finding affordable electronic cigarettes price.

To help understand better the electronic cigarettes price, it’s imperative that research is done. Again, a person can find an electronic cigarette is great for the amount of money they want to spend, but might not be the right one for them.

Reading the online reviews on public forums is a great resource to pull from. Talking to those that you see smoking an electronic cigarette is another helpful way to conduct research. What is also a wonderful option that puts a lot of skeptical minds at ease is warranty.

The majority of electronic cigarette companies will provide their customers with a 30 day money back guarantee if they don’t like the product, and after that, a 1 year warranty to replace any parts that may malfunction. Both of these warranties come free of charge.

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